Customer Service

Customer Service

Since the company’s inception, DriveSavers founders have driven the philosophy of exceeding every customer’s expectations on all levels, at all times.

24/7 Customer Service

In this day and age, who actually operates solely 9–5? Certainly not those of us who work at DriveSavers.

Call at any time of any day and a knowledgeable advisor will answer. No need to wait until morning.

In-house Legal Council

Avoid any disconnect between legal and technical minded players. For years, DriveSavers legal council has worked closely with our technicians and engineers, fostering understanding and communication. We can bridge the gap between legal and technical, both in our house and in yours.

Customized eDiscovery and Digital Forensics Services

Even with guidance from the EDRM model, one size does not fit all when it comes to eDiscovery.

DriveSavers can and should be involved from the very beginning of the eDiscovery process. By being part of the proceedings from the early case assessment on forward, we can provide exceptional guidance and customized solutions that fit perfectly to your needs.