Data Recovery

Data Recovery

eDiscovery and Digital Forensics even from Crashed or Damaged Devices

A physically damaged computer drive, smartphone or other device doesn’t need to stop you from collecting the electronically stored information (ESI) needed for your case. Any media or operating system, we can get you the data you’re looking for.

At DriveSavers, data loss is only temporary and we prove it every day with the highest data recovery success rate in the industry. We successfully recover data from damaged drives and devices using a Certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom environment.


A Cleanroom is a dust and static free environment typically used in the area of manufacturing.

In 2008, DriveSavers invested two million dollars to construct the largest, most advanced Cleanroom in the world dedicated exclusively to data recovery.

Our Cleanroom is tested biannually by third-party auditors and is certified ISO 14644-1 Class 5—the same certification standard that original storage device makers adhere to during the manufacturing process.

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Proprietary Tools

Technology is constantly changing and evolving. In order to maintain the capability to provide data recovery for all devices and all operating systems, our Research and Development Department is always experimenting and coming up with unique solutions to every conceivable obstacle.


The integrity of your encrypted data is important. There are hundreds of encryption tools out there and each one is unique. DriveSavers has technicians who are trained and certified experts in multiple encryption recovery techniques and processes.

DriveSavers Data Recovery

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